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Room At The Top Scotlands best nightclub
Room At The Top Scotlands best...
Edition 38
Edition 38...
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Welcome to our events, cruise and show gallery. Here you will find all the photos and reports on events from across the country and even further afield.

If you've been to an event that isn't listed here or are planning a trip somewhere in the future then get in touch with us and we'll include your photos here for everyone to see. For more information drop us a line at :

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Glasgow Cruise 5 - Sunday, 23rd of December 2001
Some photos from a very early and small GC...[ Read more ]

Glasgow Cruise 4 - Friday, 16th of November 2001
With Children in Need on the same night, this GC was always going to be good banter. And look what we captured, a Pudsey Bear out in the wild!...[ Read more ]

Scottish Motorshow - Saturday, 10th of November 2001
Some of you probably didn't even have a license the last time there was a Motorshow at the SECC. I don't even think I had one. We are all pretty used to having to venture far and wide to find a fix for our motoring addictions but luckily this month we have the mother of all shows, the epic Scottish Motorshow right here in Glasgow. A far cry...[ Read more ]

Knockhill - Sunday, 4th of November 2001
Up at 7am again to venture forth across the country for a day of chills and spills on the race track. This time I decided not to go in my own car (ripped CV gaitor) but hitch a lift with my good mate Stevie (cheers bud!). We arrived about 9:30am and it was cold and gray, looking to be another day of your average Scottish weather, but before...[ Read more ]

Glasgow Cruise - Friday, 19th of October 2001
Its the third ever GlasgowCruise!...[ Read more ]

Glasgow Cruise - Sunday, 26th of August 2001
The second Glasgow cruise rocked! Check the pix and be there next time!...[ Read more ]

Crail FastCar Day - Sunday, 5th of August 2001
FASTCAR day at Crail Thrash. Very good turn out and a lot of sunburn!...[ Read more ]

Glasgow Cruise - Friday, 20th of July 2001
The launch GlasgowCruise!...[ Read more ]

Knockhill - Sunday, 15th of July 2001
Knockhill Hot Hatch Day, some nice cars on show...[ Read more ]

Crail - Sunday, 18th of February 2001
Up at 7am ? This better be good! ...and it was! We managed to arrange a mini convoy of 7 cars and met up in Muirhead. Stu lead the way because "he" thought he knew where he was going, we took about an extra hour to get there! On arrival it was bitter but bright and there were a fair number of cars already sitting around at the race strip....[ Read more ]

Room At The Top Scotlands best nightclub - Sunday, 10th of December 2000
Its the best club in Scotland and thats official! Our visit to Room At The Top (RATT) in Bathgate turned out to be one of the best weekends out this year. It started out at 10:30pm when we went to meet the lads at the park. After sitting around talking to Slim, Rach and Lianne Our designated driver for the evening decided to go have a little...[ Read more ]

Crail - Max Power Photoshoot - Sunday, 15th of October 2000
Well this weekend was pretty good. On saturday I was supposed to be going to the Arches with the Max crew but due to an early rise on Sunday that idea was binned. So I spent a long night on the net trawling for all sorts of stuff instead (found some Transformer cartoon episodes if you're interested [ Read more ]

Knockhill - Sunday, 10th of September 2000
Our second Knockhill Hot Hatch Day report, Some lovely cars on show...[ Read more ]

Knockhill - Sunday, 6th of August 2000
Our first ever show report, from Knockhill's summer of 2000 Hot Hatch Day...[ Read more ]

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